Media Manipulation


So you’re driving down the road and you are wondering what you will do for dinner, or if you’re raised in the deep South, supper.  Out of nowhere you are hungry for breakfast food.  No big deal being that lotsa people love to cook breakfast food for supper.

The next morning you are on your way to work and you just gotta have a soft, hot scrumptuous croissant with ham and oh so melted cheese, coffee and tots.

Why for two meals in a row are you craving certain breakfast foods?  That’s easy…..on your way home, watch the traffic, but pay attention to the billboards posted along your route to and from work.  Eureka….there is the culprit!  That BK billboard is just staring you in the face and you didn’t even remember where it was!

Sound familiar?  Of course it does.  It is a perfect example of the media manipulating you to frequent certain food chains, go rent that movie, get angry at certain groups of political representatives, etc.

The grocery stores made huge profits when they added certain items at check out lines.  Let’s face it…some of those lines are so long, you could have put a family member with an empty buggy in line just to hold your spot while you get your entire grocery list.  Then what you forgot….can be found at the checkout!  Don’t forget you could get your daily reading time in while waiting.

The power of suggestion is one of the most seducive powers there is.  It goes much further than just verbal cues.  Many years ago in Bible School we studied the book, The Fourth Dimension by Paul Yongii Cho, the pastor of the largest church in the world, Seoul, S. Korea.  This book soon became one of my favs and has been even all these years.  He teaches us that there is another entirely separate realm that once tapped into, can produce huge results.  He met with someone that explained how the speech center of the brain controlled our entire body.  How many of you have heard….”hung by the tongue”.  Well it is true.  Let’s take it further.  When you say something outloud, your ears hear it, your mind processes it, and your body begins to do it. I won’t go into the kazillion surveys that have been done proving this theory of positive reinforcement, atmospheric miracles, etc.

One of the things I loved the most about that particular book was that he stated preaching in Korea during it’s depression.  He preached under a tent full of holes to only 5 people.  He delivered a message worthy of a crowd of 10,000 people.  His wife and others would ask him why he was shouting and being so enthusiastic b/c it was only 5 people there.  His answer was that he wasn’t preaching to the 5, but to the 5,000 he could see coming.  See, he tapped into the scripture that teaches us to call those things that be not as though they were. To bring the supernatural into the natural.  Nothing freaky….Jacob did it with speckled and spotted cows.  Laban made him toil for the hand of his daughter.  At the time, there were no spotted cows even in existence.  God told him to cut tree branches a certain way, line them up around the watering hole that the cows drank from daily.  As the cows drank water, they saw themselves as speckled and spotted from the reflection of the limbs on the water.  A true genetic miracle took place.  They saw themselves differently.  Seeing is believing.  You get what you picture? You have what you say?

Where does media manipulation tie into all this? Well….while you are reading this blog, how many banner ads do you think you have seen? All around us media is bombarding our lives.  Many years ago a drive in movie theatre tried an experiment.  Very sublte announcements would be sent over the screen, so sudtle that you never even noticed it.  They were something like, “Coke is good”, “Popcorn tastes great”.  What do you think the results were?  The theatre completely sold out of Coke and couldn’t pop the popcorn fast enough.  Their sales were record breaking!

What happened?  They were forced to stop b/c they were told they couldn’t manipulate the public like this.  What has occured in our lives today? Every 15 minutes is a commercial break.  Even if you take that time to get up and go do something else or fast forward through commercials, that split second announcement is fed directly into your subconscious mind.  Kids know this all too well.  Don’t believe me?  Go to your child’s toy box and see what they pitched a fit for in the superstore!  You probably never saw it. As parents we learn to “tune” things out, but our sub conscious mind never tunes anything out.

Remember those magazines we say we never notice in the check out lanes? Suddenly you find yourself being attracted to someone other than your spouse.  You tend to go shopping for a new car, putting your family in debt, because you are told you deserve it.  You see ads for new housing developments and realize your house is just too small.  On your routine route to work pay attention to exactly what you are passing every day.  How many of you remember in the 80’s people began to expose the record industry for soliciting “back masking” on vinyl records?  Religious groups began boycotting  the industry b/c there were subliminal messages the conscious mind could not hear.  The conscious mind only heard the music, lyrics, etc.  The subconscious mind heard the subliminal messages.  The religious sector contributed teen suicides, drugs and alcohol use merely on the fact that kids were being brain washed by those hidden messes.  Someone or something will influence you. You have to take control of what you are allowing into your mind.

If media manipulates, why not re-program your mind.  If you get what you picture, why not picture yourself on a beach having the best massage of your life. Feel the warm massage oil being poured over your back and how it feels right before the hypnosis begins! You are  listening to the waves crash on the rocks and the lull of the gulls as they serenade you for that piece of pineapple in the most fabulous fruit drink you have ever had.  Smell the salt in the air.  Feel the warmth of the sun as you smell the coconut oil just soothe into your tanning hide!  In the background you hear the the squeals and laughter of kids building their first sand castle.  Yes and you can even hear them cry when the waves wash their project away.  Listen to the inflection of the voices when kids bring sea shells to their parents.  In the background there is the ♫♪melody of your favorite sound, ♪♫♪ salsa music or ♪♪♫ island reggae  that just makes you want to get up and ♪♫♪ dance…but….you don’t dare disturb the greatest massage you have ever had! And not to forget the smell……ohhhh the smell….grilled Jerk chicken, grilled oysters,  grilled fresh-caught-this-morning-fish, skewers of  assorted veggies, shrimp kabobs, corn still in the husk, and your favorite appetizer….conch fritters! That won’t even begin to describe the dessert……..

Do you see what I mean….all of you have those visions tucked neatly or just shoved into the recesses of your mind that is now being cluttered by senseless media propaganda.  I refuse to bow to mediocrity.  As a child I would dream illustrious dreams of houses, vacations, conversations, etc.  To this day I host seminars and conventions in front of thousands of people nationally and internationally—in my mind!!!  There are road trips where I just shut off everything (except the engine of course! ) and just present to people eager to grow, learn and change….but most of all people desperate to dream again.

I don’t know what it will take for you.  I can describe houses I want here and abroad down to the mosquito netting around my plump, rattan bed and smell the most fragrant plumeria blooms. See the bright hibiscus laden gardens under swaying palm trees around the winding stone path that takes you right to the beach in Costa Rica.  Or how about the Tuscan Villa on at least 20 acres with an olive grove, a vineyard, a workers dorm, a second guest house, a pool perfectly situated in the most beautiful courtyard that would make any landscaper drool with envy.  Can you feel the warmth from the outdoor fireplace and hear the laughter of the stories about how no one would have ever believed I would make it?  Oh the joy.  I have to stop……sorry….

I have no trouble dreaming and seeing my dream every day.  I didn’t even go into the cars…..packing up my kiddos to come stay with me anytime they want, the super-duper kennel for my dog.  What is a dream that stirs your soul?  What takes your breath away?  You have to court your dream and picture it more often that media makes you picture your supper meal!

I encourage you to take some time & shut out all the noise around you.  Find some quiet time. Pray and ask God to help you remember what you used to dream of that brought you happiness.  Then…don’t ever let anyone steal it from you. Find a vehicle / opportunity to make those things come to pass, the leadership that will direct you truthfully, while empowering you to win, and move forward every day toward it.

Most of all….find someone that has lost their dream and help them dream again too.  Pay it forward, picture it often and watch it unfold before your eyes.

Can you see it?



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