You must Continue


This past weekend was one of the most memorable weekends I have had in a while.  At least since February!!   Our business organization meets quarterly to have  a Major Leadership Convention.  It soon becomes referred to as simply “Major”.  This term is aptly chosen. Inevitably there are two words that are synonymous to Major….”Life Changing”.  There is nothing I love & appreciate more than to witness someone experiencing their defining moment.  Everyone of us can recite what it was for us.  Mine?  My first major was in St. Louis, Winter 2007.  I was beyond excited watching the people come to the stage & finally getting to put a face with a name.  Names & voices I had to grown to love, admire & respect in only a few short months.  Then it happened.  Orrin Woodward took the stage!  Nicole turned to me & said…”There’s your stage.”  Why on earth would she say that? See she was there the day I stood in that “Discovering your Purpose” Sunday school class & declared my purpose in life was to fill stadiums nationally & internationally of singles to instill a message of hope that they can survive as ONE!  From that defining moment at Major I knew that would be my platform & I had to do whatever it took to get there.  It defined my life &  yes… it was “life changing.”  Since then, I have had the honor &  privilege of watching couples, singles, etc. have their defining moment.  To me….there is nothing more rewarding for my investment!

This past major was exceptional in that our team  took a valued position as Top Gun Power Player.  This has been our quest for years.  We had a power outage while Jeff Graham was informing us of new clinical trial results & almost had to evacuate to the basement due to a tornado.  I believe there was so much electricity or neurons blasting on the inside of that stadium it was magnetic to the elements!  Jeff Graham deserves many kudos for his outstanding performance under such pressure!

The recognition was phenomenal!  Team is back!  This was the Team I met that first Major!  Words can’t describe it.  Our Thursday night Bronze & above meeting was probably closest to my fav.  Hearing such people as Katie Holt-Larsen, Randy Schroeder, Chris & Josephine Gross, &  of course our amazing Policy Council.  It just validates the leaders we follow are hands down, the greatest in the industry.  Yes….I am biased!  I have earned the right to be!

That wasn’t all.  Bob Burg was our featured guest for the Major.  When his book, Go-Giver, came down as book of the month awhile back, he has become one of our favs.  The concept just makes sense.  I have so many notes & read them daily!  We are truly blessed.  Our very own Chris Brady performed the Sunday morning church service following the most poignant testimony from Tim & Amy Marks.  What business in America can provide this type of “whole-istic” approach to mankind’s deficiencies?

There is a poem I would like to share to those, like myself, that just didn’t quite make their mark this weekend.  I realize that not making it is not making it, but….it is further than most people surrounding us even attempt to do.  Now you have the taste, go build on the momentum. This poem sits on my desk as a gift from a dear friend. In my attempt to offer freedom to people from all walks of life on a daily basis, it is a solace to me.

Anyone that is not business related….this poem will speak to you as well.  Whatever you face…relationships, finances, employment, faith, health, etc.  can be enhanced if you so choose to allow them.  You see…when the question is “How?” The answer is, “You must Continue.”

Enjoy & know that nothing is impossible.  In the words of Dallin Larsen, “The Impossible Dream Is Just The Right Size”


Continue, by Maya Angelou

On the day of your birth, the Creator filled countless storehouses with rich ointments, luscious tapestries, jewels worthy of a queen’s dowry and antique coins of incredible value.

They were set aside for your use and yours alone.

Without knowing of your wealth, armed with faith and sustained by hope, you broke through thickened walls of scarcity       and loosed the chains of neediness to walk a free woman into a world that needed you.

My wish for you is that you continue.

Continue to be who and how you are…to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness.

Continue to let humor lighten the burden of a tender heart in a society weary with cruelty…

To let the people hear of the grandeur of God in the peals of your laughter.

Continue to let your eloquence elevate people to heights they had only imagined.

Continue to remind people that each is as good as the other and that no one is beneath nor above you.

Continue to remember your own young years and look with favor upon the lost and the least and the lonely.

Continue to take the hand of the despised and diseased and walk with them proudly in the high street.  Some might see you    and be encouraged to do likewise.

Continue to plant a kiss of concern on the cheek of the sick and the aged and infirm and count that action as natural and to   be expected.

Continue to let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer and let faith be the bridge you             build to overcome evil and welcome good.

Continue to spare no vision which comes to enlarge your range and increase your spirit.

Continue to love deeply and risk everything for the good thing.

Continue to float in the sea of infinite substance which set aside riches for you before you had a name.

Continue and by doing so, you and all your dreams will be able to continue



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