Farmville, Avatar & Escape from Reality!


I have always been a dreamer.  When younger I could spend hours fantasizing.  I would walk through the woods most of the day just daydreaming!  In my mind were unlimited possibilities.  What I wanted to be when I grew up, trips I wanted to take, owning a lion-like the Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer one.  Most often it was of Donny Osmond!  Ok…so I just dated myself!  Why do you think I love purple?  Yes it was his fav color!   I grew up near a lake and during the summer I would walk  to it daily just to spend time on the “beach” or docks.  I loved to watch people and always imagined myself with the biggest boat, best truck, nicest car, etc.  I was raised on a small 9 acre farm and we were poor.  According to my other friends, we were wealthy!  We had indoor plumbing, always had plenty of food, wore the latest fashion clothing, etc.

Somehow I never accepted “city limit” mentality.  You see….the town where I attended school housed generations of people.  Some had never left the state of Louisiana.  My school buds grew up in the same home their parents, grandparents, etc.  Like I said….generations.

I knew at an early age status quo would never satisfy me.  Lately this has become a blinding reality to me.  I am dissatisfied with many things in life, even more now than ever.  I have gained an education on the economy, business, relationships, finances, leadership, health/wellness & definitely more about God.  By doing so, my hunger level has soared.  Funny…..I talk to people on a daily basis that does not share that same dissatisfaction.  I find it odd!  I hear what they say, but their actions do not correspond.  They are miserable, but vie for security by doing the same old thing, day in and day out.

I have noticed what they do to escape their bitter reality and it saddens me.  Being an avid social media participant I have become even more aware of where society is spending their time. Let’s explore!  If you are on Facebook, there are numerous sites that in my opinion create worthless addictions, stealing precious time from what people could potentially accomplish.

Let’s explore!  Farmville–purchase land, homes, animals, gain respect, become a high achievers by moving through the different levels, befriend other “Farmers”, buy, sell & trade.  Now you have to understand, I had someone explain this to me just last night and I literally cracked up!  Spend hours on Farmville?  Why?  Many people have husbands, wives, children, & friends that they could obviously be spending time with or around.  There are community projects they could enjoy together which strengthens relationships, encourages vision, & ministers to those less fortunate.  Instead…..they stare at a computer screen, searching for the right seed, fertilizer, breed of animal, and the likes.  This wears me out just thinking of doing this.

Then there’s Mafia Wars? Why?  Does this allow people to vent hostilities, or displaced anger?  I am clueless!  Don’t even get me started on “Reality” TV shows.  Whose reality are you living?

I won’t even get started on the ones that assist you in creating an alternate life.  Many marriages have ended because of sites like these because people are starving for affection, attention and acceptance.  This saddens me! People want community or as best described, common-unity.  We have to rally to the cause and create this for millions.

Regardless of what vice you choose to waste time on, it is entertaining and can divert your attention to what truly needs you…..Reality.  The definition I think describes the “why?” is: Diversion: an entertainment that provokes pleased interest and distracts you from worries and vexations. This is the truth today.  It’s distracting alright……from the very things that need your attention!  Why do people do this you ask?  People escape reality and become someone they are not.  Respected, wanted, needed, admired, loved, feared, worthy, valuable & successful in many areas. If everyone is “distracted” no one is communicating worth to one another.  Escaping from reality is reasonable to fill these voids.

Consider the recent movie, “Avatar.”  There are many lessons in this one movie.  I see greed, disrespect, genius research, love of nature & compassion for those around us, extreme courage, etc.  Just the cinematography is fabulous.  The part I will refer to is where Jake is sitting in front of the webcam in utter confusion. He is lost between two worlds.  What is reality now?  Is it where he is the paraplegic, twin brother reject marine? Or…..a tall, skilled, exceptionally “chosen”  warrior? Jake made his choice in the end.  He chose the reality he wanted. You must remember… is a movie, not real life. Choices we make today could produce a ripple effect for generations to come!

Back to reality here now!  You are miserable or at least that’s what you voice daily!   Research has shown that >80% of people polled would rather have their own business and >67% of people say they would quit work TODAY!  You are stuck in a mundane rut–defined as a grave with two open ends.  Instead of taking action & accomplishing something you only dream of doing, you shrink back in front of a computer screen & escape to your villa, raise your herds, or fight your neighbor.  Why?  Why? Why?  If you converted just the time spent on these worthless addictions, you would soon become the hero to your family.  Your husband would want to spend time with you.  Your wife would treat you like a king!  Your kids would gladly regard you as the greatest parent any day.  What are we talking about 2-3 hrs. per day?  Is real-time, real life not worth making a slight edge adjustment? Walk away from the monitor!

A couple of years ago, Orrin Woodward came to Dallas.  Not only were we blessed by his visit, but he brought another business man with him to speak to us for a few minutes.  Bill Walsh took the stage.  He told us he would reveal the secret of how to become a millionaire.  Now you can imagine we were on the edge of our seats, pen in hand ready to write word for word what he said.  What was his secret?  TURN OFF THE T.V.  Take a year off from T.V. and see what you would accomplish.  I have heard Zig Ziglar say the exact same thing.  Imagine that?  Most of the men & women I choose to take advice from all say the same thing.  Do you know when I have taken advice from someone who rakes in “coins” on Farmville?  That answer should be a no brainer!

Our society is decaying in every corner of the word.  People are escaping reality by living like someone else.  Instead of changing things that rob their life, they escape their “vexation” being distracted by mindless media entertainment programming them to get more in debt, have elusive affairs, remain mediocre b/c “everyone” is doing it.  I believe it is time for a culture to rise up and take control of what is real, their lives.

If you don’t have a mentor who can instruct you in ways of truth, please get one–one that has fruit on the tree and is living the life you dream of living.   Take a serious look at your life and evaluate what is real to you.  Is looking in your children’s eyes more than 9 seconds a day not worth it?  Is having your spouse tell you how thankful to God they are for having you not worth it?  Is hearing your community leaders speak of you with praise and admiration not worth it?  If it is, I challenge you to create the life of your dreams.  Create a real life that can be seen by those not sitting in front of a mind-numbing screen.  By doing so, you will also give others hope that they too can escape the world  of  fantasy and begin living the life of their dreams. Never before has it been a better time to act courageously and dream the impossible dream.  This is the age of the entrepreneur where dreams are made into realities.  There are no ceilings and no floors to how far you can succeed.  There were more millionaires that came out of the great depression than went in.  I could almost bet, if I were a betting woman, that they didn’t spend hours in front of the T.V.

From the words of a great man of wisdom: “Regardless of your lot in life, you can build something beautiful on it “~ Zig Ziglar –your real lot in life, not Farmville!

You can do it! I believe in you! The impossible dream is just the right size!


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