Eureka!! Best of times!


Wow what a weekend!  Saturday was our biz seminar!  I can tell you personally if you can leave one of those without determination, inspired to conquer the world by serving others, and accept the commission to develop  a 1000-people team contributing your part  to 1 million…..check your pulse! Nevermind….I can tell you….there isn’t a pulse!

This morning Pastor Scott Wilson discussed “How to be Rich”.  The series is of course right up my ally!  First of all the series intro video was perfect in how we run after so many “things” that rob us of our finances.  The proverbial “carrot” that leads us to debt, lack, & wanting was so true. Then….he attacked some of the problems  people have with money–whether we are in lack or are blessed with abundance.  I believe fear is involved with both.  Fear of how to survive when you don’t have any or fear of loss if you do.  Here is my disclaimer: Money in the hands of good people can produce good things.  Some people have a hard time accepting those that have prosperity. It isn’t materialistic….I just consider the number of single moms I will help live without stress, the number of marriages saved from divorce, the number of parents that are two parent homes instead of two income homes.  The more money I have, the more people it required me to serve.  I live by: To whom much is given, much is required.

One sentence he stated was powerful. “God has blessed me with more than I need…I am rich.  But, I will not trust in riches, but in Him, who richly provides. “ This is wisdom!   I believe in abundance, prosperity and practice wealth thinking principles–delayed gratification, long-term vision, and the power of compounding.  As Scott was talking,  I thought about this fact.  Nothing most of you don’t already know! “People that don’t practice wealth thinking principles want more money, not to do good, but for the “stuff” money can provide.  But, when you are focused on adding value to others, money comes!”  The breakdown of this principle leads to loss…..loss of families, joy, health, morals and even loss of their relationship with the one true God.

Anyway…..this blog is actually for something I witnessed today as a “Eureka” moment.  As you know, my bff, Joy,  has spent the past nine months going through treatment for breast cancer.  She is actually looking more like herself, her energy /strength is improving and life is getting somewhat back to normal.  Her mom has been a tremendous blessing during this time.  Joy received, what many of us do from time to time, vacation resort screenings.  She decided to check it out and asked if I wanted to go.  Of course….you know I did!  She wanted to do something for her mom.

After a great lunch at Chipoltle we went to the presentation.  The young man who presented Joy with the offer was 19 yrs. old.  The room was filled with tables of prospective “deed” owners and salesmen.  We spent a few minutes talking to him about him.  “John”  had been on his own since he was 15 yrs. old due to his parents divorcing.  “John” quickly turned down a road of addictions and realized he needed help.  He is clean, has even quit smoking, dedicated his life to serving God, was pro-am in motocross racing, plays the bass guitar, can “scream” well, & is passionate about reaching the youth of his generation. He wants to work in a ministry of extreme sports as an outreach to his generation.  Amazing what you can find out if you just ask questions.  He felt like his day was enriched just because we had that conversation.

Long story short….(I know you are gonna believe that right?) The “proposed plan” was ridiculous.  Well….let me re-state that… was ridiculous if you practice wealth thinking principles such as delayed gratification,  as mentioned above.  What now? Of course….the “manager” can maybe offer a better deal.  We sat there watching as several couples “bought the plan.” How? I thought we were in a recession!

Joy was honest in saying she had quite a bit of medical bills yet to pay and was uncertain of what the future holds.  The manager, “Phil” used a sympathy tactic and said he would “see what he could do!”  “Phil” returned with  a great offer.  Instead of  the plan costing >$15,000 , $3900 down & $456/month X 36 mos, he would wave the down payment, offer her a “deed”  that someone was upgrading out of, for a total of $8300 @ $146/mon, & free “bonus” days.  I have to admit…..I wanted this just for the “bonus days” to be able to take my TEAM on monthly promotions!  Yes, I know that didn’t add up to >$8K, but….interest probably ate the rest!

Now, “John” was shocked! He had never seen such an offer.  Somehow, I believed him.  Then I had my “Eureka” moment.  Glenda & I had attended a Fortune Builders seminar a few months back.  The presenter was pretty good & one of the things he said was there were more millionaires that came out of the great depression than went in.  I have read many Robert Kiyosaki books as well as quite a few other investing books.  I realize people who take advantage of others misfortune in the time of economic hardships, will dominate once the economy bounces back.  Now please don’t get cynical with my use of “taking advantage!”  If someone is losing a biz, house, etc. & just wants to get out of it, it isn’t a bad thing for me to purchase it at his cost.  Normally….it is extremely below its true value.

This principle was made plain today.  They probably have tons of  “deeds” that they need to unload.  Of course “Phil” couldn’t just out & say that, but….I can read between the lines!

You can have the best homebuilder do your remodeling job, because many are out of work.  You can “take advantage” of  hyper inflated services now being offered at a song.  For the first time I understand how millionaires were created in the great depression.  Suddenly all those months of cramming investing books surfaced! Common people like me with uncommon values & principles that just practice wisdom.

Neither of us took the offer.  For one thing, we practice the thought that if you have to finance your recreation, it is not time to play!  Besides, I am paying off what small amount of debt I owe, putting money aside for my “retirement” fund so I can do my part to stimulate the economy……RETIRE EARLY!!

I feel smarter today than yesterday just from this experience.  If this is greek to you, please, invest in your future and read some great books.  If you are a multi-millionaire….thank you!  I have probably learned from you more than you will ever know & am hungry to glean more!

I am excited more than ever to have choices. Knowing I am in an industry that provides the income to invest on the downside of the economy is well worth the effort.

Make the upcoming week “uncommon”!  Enjoy the  other vid shown at church today!

We live in the best of times!  Dig your well before you’re thirsty!  Find a mentor to help navigate you through the minefields of what media seduces you to believe.



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