an understanding / discerning mind & a hearing heart


We have the privilege of having 20 minute devotions every Tuesday.  One of the advantages of working for a Christian Non-Profit Org.

Today a friend of mine from HR shared his thoughts.  He talked about some of the sayings he grew up with that he is just now understanding.  Sayings that were both from relatives & church.  He was apparently raised without a father under the guidance of his grandfather.  I think he is a great example here at work.

What he mentioned was many times we pray for God to remove the mountains we face.  One of the sayings he mentioned was, “Lord if you won’t remove this mountain, help me learn how to climb it.”  As he talked I couldn’t help but think this is exactly how we feel when we face obstacles in life.  We even quote Mark 11:23–“Truly I tell you, whoever says to this mountain, Be lifted up and thrown into the sea! and does not doubt at all in his heart but believes that what he says will take place, it will be done for him.” Don’t get me wrong, I am word of faith, full gospel, non-denominational, Assembly of God all wrapped into one!  I quote that scripture in many versions &  if I would only learn another language, I would probably quote it like that too!

Being a servant leader, I have learned that obstacles aren’t necessarily about me.  In fact, if we choose to learn from them, we will understand they are usually for someone we haven’t even met.  Praying for & watching the mountain disintegrate from sight is truly a blessing.   God does this many, many times for me.  I have found that when the mountain remains & I have to learn to climb it, is when I learn the most from & about God.  It has also empowered me to have a “hearing heart” to discern how to give a hand up when someone is facing a similar mountain. Remember….someone else’s’ experience is the best teacher?

The scripture reference I gleaned from today is 1Kings 3:5-13.  The point made was that God actually asked Solomon what HE wanted. Normally God instructs.  Even with the verse from Mark listed above, we are instructed to speak, believe & not doubt.  The action is primarily on our part. Solomon gave a very humble answer back to God.  This is what I desire most!  Many,many years ago, Dale Gentry, ( ) a prophet/evangelist who came to our church quite a bit in Louisiana, said these words over me.  In short, because of having a passion toward prayer & intercession, “I have the gift of discernment…..” A few years later, he said, “I was sent as a prophet to the house of God.”  I can understand if some of this wording is foreign, but these are spiritual gifts.

Today, as I heard the words out of 1Kings, I was reminded of those words once spoken over me.  While admiring Solomon, I felt a deep, painful tugging that I so desire to walk in greater discernment toward God’s people.  I could almost feel the fear in Solomon’s heart  from the responsibility he must have felt.  Now that I am extremely serious about developing myself  as a Level 5 Leader, ( ) the responsibility is even more serious than I could have ever imagined.

The answer God gave to Solomon was priceless &  knowing God is no respecter of persons, I have hope!  I don’t know what “mountain” you face today.  I pray that you ask for an understanding / discerning mind & a hearing heart that will enable you to think beyond the moment, & seek someone to serve.

Enjoy the climb,


p.s. I am currently on the Daniel Fast for 2 weeks.  I am specifically praying for someone, but…God….has a way of enlightening me each time I fast. If you have a  prayer request, list it, Facebook me a message, Geneva Murphy, or twitter message me, I will be honored to stand in agreement with you!


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