Close your eyes…


We have been focusing alot lately on what the subliminal or unconscious mind is capable of accomplishing once you shift your focus to it. Re-reading the ant and the ELEPHANT is a huge benefit to this concept.  I am also reminded of one of my favorite books, The Fourth Dimension, by David Yongii Cho, pastor of the largest church in Seoul, South Korea. I love his story of how he preached during the depression to 5,000 in a small, leaky tent when there were only five people actually present.  He saw the multitudes yet to come.

I was thinking about the times we say, “I could do that with my eyes closed.”  In my nursing career, I determined to be the best nurse in the hospital for veni puncture.  When I had a difficult IV to start, or needed to draw labs from a patient that had virtually no veins, I would have to call someone from OR, ICU, ER, or the nursing supervisor.  Being just a little competitive, I determined to be that person!  As I watched each of their technics, I became that person in many instances.  One thing I noticed is that when I wanted to find the perfect vein on an impossible limb, I would close my eyes and feel for it instead of relying completely on my sight.  I of course would explain to patients what & why I was doing this and not to fear….when I was ready to actually start their IV, I would do it with my eyes open!

Later in my career of being a corporate trainer, I found most of my training, troubleshooting, etc., was done in repetition.  When someone would call with problems, I would often close my eyes and visualize the point of training where I explained that situation, or the point of where I installed the program on their computers, or whatever the case was.  Closing my eyes would allow me to pull from the unseen and bring it to the seen.  People that would be near me when I did this, knew I could “see” things clearly. I could train or install practically “with my eyes closed.”

One of my favorite Bible stories was with Jacob and the speckled & spotted livestock.  You may know this story in Genesis 30:27.  Once the agreement was made on wages & wealth, Jacob took branches, peeled bark to resemble stripes / speckles reflecting on the water.  When the animals would come to the watering hole to drink or mate, they saw themselves striped and speckled.  They soon began bearing this kind of  herd and Jacob’s wealth in livestock increased.   Was this subliminal, unconscious even for the animals? Do you think as Jacob watched them he saw their reflection on the water too?

As we go into the living rooms of America instilling a message of hope on how people can not only survive , but thrive in what people call the worst recession in history, I began noticing a correlation.  People will say what I quoted above, “I can do this or that with my eyes closed!”  My suggestion is simple.  If we can close our eyes and perform what we do at a J.O.B. that isn’t  producing the income, freedom or lifestyle of our dreams, why don’t we re-program our subconscious?

  1. Close your eyes and envision yourself driving to an appointment at 10:30 am in the car of your dreams instead of fighting traffic at rush hour to go to a J.O.B that you hate in the car you can barely afford. Is your dream car a speed car? Is it the vintage ’67 red mustang convertible with factory air? (you know I’m thinking A/C  because Texas is HOT!)
  2. Close your eyes and imagine the warm breeze of a Costa Rican beach gently blowing through the cabana as you listen to the sounds of birds, monkeys and waves float through the wispy, gauze curtains.  You stroll for brunch and as you sit in the local cafe, you feel something brush up against your leg only to realize the iguana is patiently waiting for your scraps.
  3. Close your eyes and walk downstairs in your home from your master suite once only envisioned in the editions of “The Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” series.  Can you smell the aroma from your personal chef cooking, using all organic products in  Saladmaster titanium cookware? Well…you can’t smell the cookware of course, but can imagine how healthy you are using it right?
  4. As you await your meal, saunter outdoors to enjoy the beauty serenity of your multi-leveled, fountained, koi pond.  Overlook your gardens being groomed by a master gardener using organic mulch and planting new perennials grown from your vintage style glass greenhouse. Did you see the butterflies happily floating from the trumpet vines?  What about the tiny rabbit as he grazes on tender underbrush?
  5. Close your eyes and imagine the phone call you receive from other business partners that are ecstatic because not only will they be joining you for a much sought after promotion, but they will also bring others along as to glean from your wisdom.
  6. Close your eyes and…

Can you see it?

Not sure what stirs your soul or what you think about so passionately that brings tears to your eyes.  I suggest you spend some time searching deeply within the recesses of your subconscious mind and allow the giant within to take over.  Why not? Why not you? Why not now?

If changes in nature such as the color of goats, sheep, etc., can be genetically created because of visually seeing through the eyes of the subconscious mind, what are you denying yourself, your family, your future?  Talk to  yourself & post visuals in the form of a dream board to produce subliminal transmissions in a completely positive aura instead of what society is projecting to your subliminal mind.

I end with a familiar scripture. Hebrews 11:1, Amp: 1NOW FAITH is the assurance (the confirmation, the title-deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses].

God told Abraham to consider the stars as his heirs.  As he looked up at the heavens, he saw beautiful, glowing, illumined light.  He saw you!

What do you see? Dream big and envision them repetitively!



La Hacienda


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    • Thank you so much Connie! This was an “ah ha” moment for me. What if? There is such power in the subconscious mind. ♫ I have always been a dreamer ♪ and now I can seriously put those to work for me. If you haven’t read ”the ant and the ELEPHANT”, you simply must! It is funny, entertaining, yet beyond powerful! Blessings my friend!

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