To sweat or not to sweat…..all in the mind?


My beautiful state of Texas is known for many things, but probably chief, this time of year, is the heat! In the past, it was one of the reasons I loathed the state.  We refer to large things as “big as Dallas” when Dallas itself is really not big at all.  The surrounding communities associated with it makes up the referenced size. Nevertheless, Texas  proudly towers shoulders above many states & in many areas in my opinion. (Yes, Virginia, I do know what they say about opinions!)

Daily I choose to step away from the noise, gossip, and 95% mindset at work, retreating to the beautiful courtyard.  As I have mentioned before in previous blogs, this is my time to mentor with exceptional minds found in books. The courtyard garden  is mostly shaded, filled with beautiful flowering plants, butterflies, squirrels (my babies), chatty birds & other eco-friendly pests.  I find solace in the garden to read, write cards & make calls.  Usually….I read.

I have noticed something over the years about myself.  When I weighed over 220 +lbs. I was hot all the time.  I was never the person you asked about being comfy in a room.  I had to be cold!  After losing quite a bit of weight, I find I am no longer plagued by the internal heat wave.  I actually wear jackets in the winter, bring a sweater or jacket to church in the summer & am pleasant in rooms I once found smoldering.  Ah…another benefit of losing weight!

Garden friend

It is 102 degrees out today & yes I went to the garden.  I noticed the birds were extremely loud as if the heat caused them to be irritable.  Usually a squirrel will bark, but the birds are just normal.  (Too bad the one pesky fly didn’t die from heat exhaustion!) When I left to go back inside, I realized I never even had one raised area of sweat.  For some time I have joked that if I know I am going to be hot, I use mind over matter, prepare myself for being hot and I am normally comfortable.  When I work in the yard… is a totally different story.

Our mind is a powerful vessel.  We worry, become anxious, allow fear to paralyze us & even become physically ill because of thought patterns.  Usually the things we meditate on with negative undertones never even materialize.  We are left with the flux of emotions and after effects of that does to our physical body.

There is an enormous flooding of positive thinking throughout social media, books, advertising media, etc.  In fact, the media / advertising industry depends on it.  Why else  must you have some of the food you eat? Why do you compulsively purchase things you never even knew you wanted? Why? I am not the expert on these things and will not even attempt to get into this conversation.  All I know is that I practice slight edge discipline sometimes hourly against those type of bombardments!

If I can control whether or not I will sweat or not simply by alerting my mind, what else do I have the power to accomplish?  I definitely believe I will succeed at whatever I put my hand to do.  Wherever the soles of my feet touch I will possess the land, and all the promises  I have learned so well through the word of God & various books on the same subject.  We know it is written, “laughter doeth good like a medicine,” so joy is a  dynamic catalyst related to our health.  Emotions and mindsets have the extraordinary power to produce results.  WE have the power to determine if those results are negative or positive.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste.  How many times do we waste precious moments to create a powerful impact in our life & lives around us? I challenge US today to meditate on the unlimited possibilities we possess.  Once the mind is engaged,  corresponding actions must be instituted and soon we will live the life we were destined to live.  Not only this, but I believe our perception concerning the evolution taking place right now with mankind, our environment & our personal destiny will change.

When you look at a tiny plot of ground you never notice what is truly taking place.  Once observed either through a microscope or merely taking the time to monitor fragments of life, we see everything works in harmony.  What if we contributed by focusing our minds on what we are capable of achieving? Why not?

As a man thinketh…..


“I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.”           –Mark Twain


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