The Power & ♥ of Social Community!


WOW! Just a short blog today to commemorate the blessings I have received from hundreds of people wishing me Happy Birthday.

Since I have refused to age, I have chosen to use this day not only to celebrate my birth, but also to celebrate how special my friends are!

Yes…I am aware they have a National Friends Day or something of the sort, but….I can never remember when that is.  I usually remember my birthday right?

Friends endure the test of time!

As I opened up  my Facebook page this morning I was pleasantly surprised by the birthday wishes!  As they trickled in, I was filled with warm, fuzzy feelings.  Some friends from my childhood, some are from my wonderful church community, many are from my business ventures and then…there are still quite a few others that I have gathered from social networking.   Later in the morning , I glanced and began to feel tears well up in my eyes.  Most are sweet, funny, or beautiful ♥felt comments, yet some are even song links, cards, etc.  Each of which are single reminders of how we are interdependent on each other.

Some are very familiar with my passion to empower others through leadership development. Many recognize the positive influences contributed in daily doses as I attempt to create changes in the world around me.  Others had worked with me for years in some pretty grueling times during my season of nursing.  Then…some are consciously aware of my weird eating habits!  Whatever the context, they are all intrinsically woven with a scarlet thread.  A commonality that goes beyond the simple wording…Happy Birthday.  The scarlet thread is that we are all intertwined by the life we share through social networking or community.  They each took time to comment.   Even if it were two words, this speaks volumes to me!  I know some of their schedules and  realize this was no small feat.  Some I recognize and respect their national status and am both, truly honored and humbled.

As I read them, I understand that it takes community, or common-unity.   If someone doesn’t “buy” into this, they have obviously not experienced the joy, emotional rush, and validation of celebrating a birthday on a social media network.

To each of you, I want to share a song I heard this morning while switching out my personal development CD’s.  You may think it’s cheesy, but hey…humor me…it’s my birthday!   Please don’t be so busy making a living that you forget to live life to the fullest.

I love having each of you in my life and because of you, my life is richer!




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