Why is Bitter / Sweet Great for Business?


As many of you know, I am involved in a Global Leadership Development Organization.  Our primary focus is building communities of people through which products & services flow.  Relational networking occurs as we are bringing the health & wellness industry mainstream.  We provide a world-class training system that  hands down, is compared to no other.  Part of that duplicative system are weekly associations with forward thinking, like-minded business owners.  These invitation only meetings are hosted all across the United States & Canada.  They are referred to as Open meetings  or Tuesdays, as we fondly call them.  Since we are a home based business, we utilize them as our “Tuesday night at the office.”  We can bring as many people as we want to expose them to our culture.  Once someone enters this atmosphere, they are convinced we are different from the J.O.B. they left that day.   Edification & promotion of each individual is immediately  apparent.  Soon, they begin to gravitate to this night as it becomes to them what it is to us, a lifeline.

Tonight was bitter/sweet!  We have outgrown our venue…AGAIN.  When I joined this business in September 2006 we were meeting in the living room of my mentors.  We then grew to the Golf Club of Dallas, met at local hotels and secured this venue for quite some time.   After reading the book, the ant and the ELEPHANT–we have extensively learned from the book, as taught on CD’s, our recent Major & ladies book club– how we can program our subconscious mind to dominate.  In other words….we got our Elephant buzz on! We envisioned breaking the air wall down due to expansion.  We were issued a gauntlet, in combat against mediocrity, to reach 200 people so Orrin Woodward would come visit.  We exceeded that goal with 236 people.  The excitement was contagious & it has grown. Now we are leaving the venue to another one that can accommodate our continuing growth.

The front desk people, events coordinators, cafe servers & even maintenance staff  have become family to us.  I have volunteered to work at the registration table from the first night we met there. They know my name, bring me free coffee,  love our EMV Energy Drinks & welcome us on a weekly basis.  They even remember I used to eat the cookies from the front desk & now I  don’t!

I wish you could have seen their eyes when we told them goodbye.  Belief  is such a beautiful thing to witness!  They were speechless.  They asked me in disbelief, “Have you outgrown the room completely?’  I informed them that our Major Leadership Convention is this coming weekend and we always, without fail, experience exponential growth.  Then I mentioned that the founders of both our organizations would be in Dallas in Oct & Nov and we are projected to yet again explode.  I simply looked at them both and confidently said….”It’s happening, just like we believed it would!”  I gave them hugs, left folders of my information with them and bid them farewell.  I did mention that in the future if we needed a smaller room, we may consider them again.  I could imagine individual groups requiring something like this because this is what we expect to happen.  We will also refer other groups to them because of their gracious attitude. This venue has groups that come & go daily, but we had been long-term.  One of the front desk ladies had been involved in a home based business in the past and now she, a single mom, would prefer to work 3 jobs than to entertain the thought of getting into another one.  Tonight shed a new light onto her skepticism.  I believe the bond that was formed also helped tremendously. You have to see that they just lost a secured business meeting.  While that is a loss for them, WE ARE GROWING!

Our groups have grown together through embracing spiritual development, relational skills & practicing emotional intelligence.  This, in itself, has been the greatest journey of the entire process and this is the attitude we will bring to the next location.  See….attitude is the difference maker!

Want to know something else really sweet?  The events coordinator, Richard Miles, has been a servant beyond description.  Over the past several months, on a weekly basis he has provided us the greatest set ups, & has had the most amazing attitude ever.  We turn in comment cards on him weekly.  He loves our products as we have always supplied him with gifts!  Tonight, I wanted to get the name of one of his friends who hosts a make up event every third Sunday.  I had met her casually and wanted to do a follow through with her.  I mentioned we (Glenda & I) should meet with him as soon as possible, because he had the character and attitude we look for in business partners.  He ever so slightly mentioned that his book will be released in October.  A book?  What? It caught me off guard much like our news of leaving did to him.  When we inquired he begin to tell us that he had been falsely incarcerated for 12 years and he is featured in a book about his experience.  Glenda and others that were listening inquired if he was the same guy recently sponsored by our local news station, & of course he was.  We listened as he humbly spoke.  Glenda had met a young man during her bus commute this week who was also a felon desperately needing a job. Richard informed her that his brothers had a business building transitional housing and he should contact them for employment.

I am scheduled to meet with Richard and his mom Sunday, his only day off,  after I arrive back in DFW from Major.  He is beyond excited.  You hear me talk about the scarlet threads that knit hearts and change nations.  Learning to genuinely become interested in people, not just wanting to sell a product, is desperately needed in our society.  A crazy business that believes in making a friend, finding a need, and transferring a feeling is rapidly taking over much like the water hyacinth or southern kudzu vines.  Buzz, buzz…we are going to a million leaders and beyond.  Stadiums will welcome us on a weekly, monthly & quarterly basis.  Nations will resound with our motto….Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference!  I do believe it!  (spoken like Sergio Ponce says it as he agrees with Katie Holt-Larsen & the thought of breaking generational curses off of the families in Brazil!)

So…in essence, bitter/sweet is EXCELLENT for business.  People, even if they are your critics, gain hope & belief when you succeed.

We bid farewell to our beloved Dallas Hilton Garden Inn.  It has seen us through thunderstorms, ice storms, broken car windows, power outages, seminars, and many, many Open meetings.

We are blessed and we will become a blessing to others….one venue at a time!




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