You’re kidding me right?

As many of you know, my son, Bryce, is getting married this Saturday.  It is a dream come true.  I absolutely adore Sara & thank God for this relationship.  I am not the “Monster-in-law” & will do whatever I need to do to make this wedding a smooth, happening event.

Many times we discuss customer service & what we have experienced.  I just want to share my experience with Greyhound Bus Lines.  My sister is a special needs adult due to mild mental challenges caused from being anoxic at birth & a manic-depressive nervous breakdown in 1975.  She is precious & currently resides in an assisted living home, works daily, & enjoys life.  Other than wanting to live with me, she has it good!  My BFF from La. was coming to the wedding & would have picked Dottie up to bring her to Dallas.  Dottie loves her so this would have been a treat. Plans changed, so my back up was to put Dottie on a bus.  She has traveled to Dallas by bus before & I secured a “guardian” over her just to make sure the makes the transfers, doesn’t buy food for every bum, & arrives on time.  She is very smart & attentive to details, but just minor guidance would provide peace of mind to me!


Sooooo….. I search the Greyhound site, register for RoadRewards to save 10% since this was a last-minute purchase although it cost me an additional $18 because even though I purchased the ticket, I personally wasn’t traveling.  I could find nowhere on the website to request a guardian.  I contact the “Disabled Travelers” customer service support.  When I was assigned an operator, I couldn’t understand a word they were speaking.  You have to understand, I worked in nursing for over 28 yrs. with many different cultures speaking many different languages & this was never an obstacle.  Seriously, I could not communicate.  I asked for an English-speaking, American.  He told me he was speaking English & if I wanted someone else, I would have to hang up & call again.  I said thank you & hung up. I called back.  I got yet another challenging communicator.  I asked the same question.  He told me the same answer. I asked, “So let me ask you a question? Is it the policy of Greyhound Bus Lines, customer service support center to tell someone if they can’t understand the conversation to continue calling back again & again until they get someone they can understand?”  To which he replied, “Yes.”  I commented, “You’re kidding me right?” To which he responded, “No, maybe you are kidding.”  I then asked for a supervisor.  I reported the conversation, explained I could not request a guardian on their website & just wanted to make sure my sister would be OK.  He assured me they could help.  Then he asked me if he could talk to my sister.  Serious?  She is in Ball, La. & I am in Dallas, Tx.  That is geographically impossible, & if it weren’t….why would I need Greyhound?  That is what I thought, but I didn’t say it!  He explained what we needed to do, I purchased her ticket & notified her case manager.  This used every ounce of emo intel I could muster up.

This is another story!  I sent the itinerary for Dottie to the case manager.  He contacted Greyhound.  Then he called me back to verify the city Dottie was traveling to. At this point, I had to laugh.  Not only does he know from previous conversations that I live in Dallas, but the itinerary clearly states Dallas.  I didn’t say anything,  b/c he had the same run around with Greyhound that as I did & all he had to obtain was the control number to solidify a guardian.

from dinner last nite & oh so appropriate!



In the end…even though I was disappointed in the service Greyhound provided in this matter Dottie has her ticket & control number for a guardian. She will have a family reunion with my family while watching her nephew get married.  I will chalk it up to experience & file it away in my brain for her next trip to Dallas….from Ball, La.!




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