The “bag” that bites you in the butt! Or…does it?


Wow!  That is the extent of my vocabulary today!  I know that is hard to conceive right?  Grab your cup of tea & enjoy my recap of the last 7 days of my life.

It appears I have fallen off the face of the earth in just one week!  My baby, my only son, Bryce got married one week ago today!  The normal activities that surround a wedding are enough in itself.  This,however, wasn’t enough for me.  Let’s explore!

Approximately a yr. & a half  ago I decided I HAD to move to downtown Dallas.  I have been in love with the city line since moving to Texas in ’04, but something triggered a desire to live right smack dab in the middle of the mecca. I started “courting” the dream by scoping out apartment complexes I liked.  I narrowed it to loft living & focused there.  Commuting via DART bus lines allowed me the ability to ride around the downtown streets observing normal daily activities at their finest.  I loved the city!

The past seven days have proved to be most grueling, yet I know the grace & mercy of God has encapsulated me.  Goodness surely followed me!  In my quest of finding said loft, I began the search in March ’10.  Bryce proposed to Sara thereafter & thus begun their wedding plans.  I have no clue why each of my past moves have been down to the wire, but….I will change that the next time!

Knowing I was moving to Dallas, we purposed Bryce would be out in Sept. giving him at least a month to get set up before his wedding.  Circumstances such as working in one city & going to church in another were factors to consider.  Finding an apartment within a budget located in a safe zone were others.  It made sense to me to live in the place you worked in 5 dys a week & commute to church.  This of course became their choice.  Their apartment was secured the Monday prior to their wedding on Saturday.  Whew…

William, Bryce’s best man & BFF since 3rd. grade decided to move to Texas from Louisiana.  His search began a few months ago.  His apartment was secured the Tuesday after the wedding.  Both guys now had their own place.

This left me!  Let’s backtrack a minute. A few yrs. ago I decided to purchase a historic home in downtown Waxahachie.  She was a beautiful 104 yrs. old lady listed on the Historic Register.  The problem occurred when the owner stopped making payments to Country Wide Finance the month I moved in. I paid $1300/mon. thinking it was going to the finance company in hopes it would be considered a “down payment” when I secured financing.  When I found out my payments were not going to said finance company, they suggested, since they had never received payments for almost an entire year, that I stop making payments to owner, & look elsewhere.  I did.  I stayed in the house for a few months longer in an attempt to recoup some of my loss, searched for a new place, &  plotted revenge.   We all know  vengeance  belongs to God, so….just let him take care of it!  In the meantime, the owner secured an attorney & charged me with eviction. Since he was prominent in our community, I had actually exposed his antics to his employer so…it was more to shut me up than kick me out!  I confess…I am not perfect & need to practice conflict resolution regularly! Eviction court was the time I should have defended myself, but never having been evicted before, I just left him holding the bag.  The only problem was the “bag” would later bite me in the butt!

When I narrowed my 7 month search for lofts down to the one community  I “had”  to live in, I wasn’t approved!  What?  How is this possible?   I resorted to my second  fav.  I was again honest, put on my app I was asked to move & yes….it happened again.  This time I found out why.  The eviction reared its head!  I then asked for a referral to someone who could help me & voila…I am writing from my new loft!  Glad I know how to ask for referrals right?

The referral led me to a locator who just needed the facts.  I gave them & she would begin working.   How embarrassing & shame ridden right?  Wrong!  You have to know that what Satan uses to destroy you, God will ultimately use it for your good!  Remember Goodness who was following me?  During the wedding weekend,  I spoke to the  locater assigned to help me  & told her exactly what I wanted.  Just because the facts changed, my dream was the same & I was not willing to compromise.  Monday after the wedding, Summer, Russell, Lilli, Kaelleb & I visited the Dallas World Aquarium & the locater called me with 3 properties to consider.  One property I had completely overlooked until literally just 2 wks. ago when I accidentally saw it from the interstate.  After noticing it, I drove to it after work the same day & then searched their site on the web.  I was very familiar with it when she asked if I knew anything about it.  Coincidence?  Never!  While in downtown on Monday, after pics with the cows, I attempted to show Summer & Russell the 3 choices of properties.  Russell cracked me up over his description of one of them!  They both liked the “overlooked” one. Tuesday, Summer left for home & I met the locator, viewed the loft, & secured it all in the same day.  Did this happen in one day?  No….you see, remember I had been searching since March?  I knew lofts by then & knew what I wanted. Was it because I was desperate? No…I could have stayed in Waxahachie.  I wasn’t homeless!  This was the result of effort exerted over time coming to fruition or Slight Edge mentality!

This is the sweet part of grace!  Due to the timing of my move, & favor with my landlord, I only paid half a month at my old place. The new loft cost me all of $322 to move in as compared to $1100 + that the first 2 would have.   They completely waived the deposit as opposed to $245-$500,or higher b/c of my “history.”  I get $200 off my first months rent (which I chose Nov). They  re-adjusted the rent down $20/month b/c the closet lay out was weird, but will double rack my shelving.  I have free water & trash,  free WiFi , free parking (unless I want covered),  live in a gated community where people work & live in some of the lofts.  They are located in the Design District, which may be a problem for me due to the number of antique stores!  The savings are terrific.  The loft manager said mine was the smoothest transaction he had ever witnessed.  Imagine that? God completely worked in my favor.  I was a victim of someones greed.  God’s grace is bigger than any accusations or eviction. What appeared hopeless, turned into a miracle.

On yet another note…when God gives you friends with a discerning spirit…trust them.  Without knowing I wasn’t approved for the first loft, my BFF, Glenda, was thinking of me living in & coming to visit me in Dallas.  Suddenly she felt concerned for my safety living near Deep Ellum.  Coincidence?  Again…never.  She told me this after I mentioned not being approved.

Where are we?  Oh…the  movers came on Thurs which was another scenario in itself.  Thank God for people skills!  See… I have graduated from using friends to help me move. I was saving time & frustration this time by hiring a moving company rather than employing day labor & getting the blessed Penske truck.  In the end…it worked out to…..yes my favor!  When you have 40 boxes over,  plus extra furniture not listed in the contract…. negotiation skills are a must!  And….he, the mover, happened to leave a dolly which allowed me to unload my car with ease after my final trip.  He also wants to take me out to eat seafood….we will see about that one!

I hired a make-ready crew to clean my old place.  That in itself was worth the price. Yes, I live a very frugal lifestyle & practice delayed gratification daily, but when you understand the value of your time, you make decisions based on that.

In summary….for me the past seven days have been completely overwhelming.  Not the wedding or the visit from my babies of course!  This is the first move ever without assistance from my son, his buddies & a host of friends.  I am, as usual, indebted to Joy & Jadalynn for their support.  Let me clarify so no one reading this thinks I was abandoned!  Bryce was on his honeymoon & in an attempt to save money, I moved during the week on a Thurs while my friends were at work.  I put my big girl panties on & dealt with it! I am super glad I did….it is storming outside today.  Again….never a coincidence!

Never let the circumstances of your past paralyze the dreams of your future.  I wanted downtown Dallas.  I did it!  I am here!  Not in the center, which is probably the best choice ever, but across the interstate from it, actually walking distance from the AAC!

When you put your trust in an unseen God, walk by faith & not by sight, you will be amazed at what will unfold before your very eyes.  I am blessed beyond measure! My first night in my new home I ate Fuel City Tacos with the downtown city scape as my view.  I did it!

Those that know me, know the scripture below is the one I stand on daily!



Is. 61: 7 Instead of their shame my people will receive a double portion, & instead of disgrace they will rejoice in their inheritance; & so they will inherit a double portion in their land,
& everlasting joy will be theirs.


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