Thrift store, book club & Déjà Vu


This weekend was a whirlwind, but very productive.  Not really anything significant. I didn’t jet set across the planet or anything spectacular except that life is just amazing to me & I love to share it!

Saturday after attempting to sleep past 6am., I managed to quickly catch up on email, FB, Twitter, etc.  My goal was to shop for furniture, go to the TEAM Maximus Ladies book club event, tour multi-million dollar mansions in Southlake & find my new farmers market.  Sunday would hold its own as the primary focus was driving to church in Red Oak from Dallas for the first time!

I live in the very prestigious design district of Dallas.  Shops align the streets with antiques, house furnishings & art.  I needed practical, functional, & frugal.  I recently visited a hotel liquidation center in Lancaster, TX.  I remember meeting the woman helping us out.  We met at Zulas, a small, quaint cafe in Waxahachie for open mic nite months ago.  As I mentioned to her I was moving to downtown Dallas, she insisted I visit their location in the design district.  She almost refused to let me look at anything there.  I had ventured throughout the entire warehouse prior to talking to her.  I had to constantly remind myself to breath in an attempt not to hyperventilate b/c of all the clutter.  Floor to ceiling things were stacked.  My perfectionism & what few suppressed traits of melancholy I have immediately envisioned organizing the entire warehouse.  I took my friend’s advice & their downtown location was where I went. It is even conveniently located a couple of blocks from my loft.  Sweet!  Sherry was right.  The better stuff is there, it is more organized & not dusty at all.  The great thing is that she promised I would get the other warehouse pricing, even though it was their prime location.  I searched intently for what I needed for my small loft space. I found a sleeper sofa, an occasional chair, a green marble top dining table, two ornate black dining chairs & four silk throw pillows.  I have very eclectic taste to begin with, & wanted something that would fit the loft.  Everything I selected was purchased from The Mansion, an elite Dallas hotel.   It wasn’t my red leather couch, but I got everything I needed for the price of that one leather couch!  Delayed gratification won again!

The book club was next. We met in the Tea Room of the Decorators Warehouse, in Arlington, TX.  Knowing my addiction to Christmas decorations, this was a huge challenge in itself just meeting there!  The book we discussed nationwide throughout our team was, What To Say When You Talk To Yourself.  If you have not read this book, you simply must & re-read it yearly.  For years we have heard how life & death, blessing & cursing is in the power of the tongue.  This book takes it on a more personal, practical level & is beyond necessary.  It is just something about studying a book, discussing it with a group of phenomenal women & knowing we are growing together.  I left the Warehouse without a single decoration.  This was a miracle!

Casa Montecito

We then convoyed to Southlake to tour the Kaleidoscope of Homes.  It was the twentieth year of hosting such amazing works of art.  I say art b/c I respect & admire the builders, designers, video systems crews, landscapers, etc. for every ounce of contribution they had in these homes.  Of course I squealed quite a bit!  While the last house, Casa Montecito, was my favorite,

Villa Siena

the second house we toured, Villa Siena, took the cake when it came to interior design.  Every square inch was decorated in fleur-de-lis, Tuscan & even some Parisian touches.  Even the dog house was fleur-de-lis bling.  I didn’t want to leave!  While walking upstairs in the hall the strangest thing happened.  I looked at a nook that appeared to be a study or just a private area & was instantly taken back to a dream I had in 1997 or 1998.  It was a Deja Vu moment in time.

The house in my dream was preternatural  & I still remember it very vividly.  Since it occurred, I think of it often as I had just done this past week.  It is definitely an “elephant snack” on a regular basis.  The dream began with the winding drive way leading curvaceously uphill, extremely landscaped & beautiful.  The entry was indescribable.  I adore portico entrances & the house was an exquisite four-story estate.  I had prominent guests staying with me & I had specifically prepared the fourth floor suite just for them.  As I was walking them to the elevator, I passed through an almost secret room where I prayed, studied & spent quite a bit of quiet time.  The room was amazing!  It was flooded with light from a wall of windows.  The room was filled with plants & life, such as birds & aquariums of beautifully colored fish.  My bible & journal were open on a table.  As I walked through the room in my dream, in my mind I said, ” This is my room? This is such a beautiful space. Just for me? How amazing this room is!”   I took my guests to the entry of the elevator.  They were awestruck at the house too!

Years later, I am touring a home in Southlake, TX & that scene was as if it were just happening.  The room wasn’t exactly like the one in the dream, but in my spirit, I felt that same feeling. You see,  for more years than I would like to admit,  I have dreamed of the unbelievable & impossible.  I didn’t know how it would happen, all I knew was that it would come to existence.  I sincerely believe dreams are the language of the spirit & that dream in particular, has never left my memory.  It will become a reality & I believe now more than ever.  When I dreamt it I was working three jobs in nursing & clearly didn’t have the vehicle to make it come to pass short of marrying a prince!  I have the vehicle to make it happen–with or without the prince!

Next time I bring my own bags!

After leaving such an incredible tour I drove back to Dallas to find my new farmers market.  I had one hour to familiarize myself with the store & get what I needed.  It is wonderful!  Upon leaving, the security guard was very conversive.  I even noticed a Fiesta grocery store across the street.  I LOVE Fiesta, but since I am more organic, I am satisfied with the Newflower Farmers Market on Henderson Street.

Today Pastor Scott was beyond anointed in his message concerning Peace-vs-Fear.  I highly encourage to stream this message as soon as it is available, as will I.  It was like a blast from my past with the “In Christ” message, but oh so powerful.  His cousin, Matt Wilson sang his song, Press On, recorded & birthed from a time when he needed the message desperately.  I wished each of you could have heard that song live!  Listen to the song on his radio spot.  In the moment, it was moving.

Lunch was in the Dallas Farmers Market Shed 2!  Home to unpack even more.

Why do I even bother share these petty happenings of a weekend?  Sometimes when you are in the muck & mire of life, you need to be reminded it is the simple things that bring most joy.  Life is happening all around you.  Please don’t be so caught up in the routine ruts that soon will find you buried in mediocrity.  Explore, change your decor, join a book club, tour million dollar mansions, but most of all….DREAM BIG!

One important thing happened today.  During the beginning

Praying for the 'Hachie Indians

of service, Scott asked us to turn to our neighbor & confess our greatest fear.  I turned to mine & said, “my greatest fear is failing.” He was taken by surprise & didn’t know how to even comprehend it. I said what I feared most was not becoming the woman God purposed me to become.  Scott mentioned the fear of failure a few minutes later therefore validating my mention.

Some of the greatest quotes are:

1.  Do not fear death so much, but rather the inadequate life.-Bertolt Brecht.

2. Fear not that thy life shall come to an end, but rather fear that is shall never have a beginning.- John Henry Cardinal Newman.

3. Our greatest fear should not be failure, but of succeeding at something that doesn’t really matter.

4. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.-Nelson Mandela

What is your greatest fear, biggest dream, deepest desire? Overcome the fear with the peace of God, cultivate your biggest dreams, pursue your deepest desire & allow it to grow!




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