HE calls me “friend!”


There are some people who when they refer to me as their friend, or simply call me friend, it just makes me warm & fuzzy on the inside. Literally my soul is comforted.  I actually save posts from them or even tweets to re-read in times of challenge.  I know….you may say it’s crazy, but it is a lifeline in some instances!  My goal is to be that type of person to others!

Some acquaintances can use the term “friend” as casual as I say “hello” or another term of endearment for southern hospitality.  Those times are simply acknowledged & appreciated for just their intention–hospitality.  No warm & fuzzies!

The past couple of days I have been singing an old song by Phillips, Craig & Dean, I A Friend of God!  They are actually from my hometown in La.  I am basking in this moment & recognizing it as a gentle reminder from Him. I believe it is times such as this, God wants us to know, He is more than just on the throne gazing down on our situations.  He is our friend, mindful of us & all we experience.  He is almighty & nothing passes from His sight, nor his heart!  This is a perfect example of the type of friend we should all aspire to become. After all…we are created in His image!

Be encouraged today that regardless of who you surround yourself with, He calls YOU friend!




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