They are watching!


I brag on an obnoxiously regular basis that I am THE most blessed woman on earth.  I have the greatest kids born, super-duper grand-kids, amazing friends & unbelievable mentors.  I brag constantly about the people of influence I surround myself with.  One of my favorite authors, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones was known for saying this, ““You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

Because of the leadership development system I deluge myself in, I am not the same person I was 5 years ago.   If you want to change something different in your life, you have to change something different in your life.  I did just this. I submitted to mentors, gave them permission to speak into my life, & have navigated my journey according to the path they have already cleared for us.

This post is specifically targeted to honor a note written by a beautiful leading lady, Terri Brady.  She posted an essay that her 13 yr. old son wrote regarding his recent travel as a wing-man to his dad, Chris Brady.  We see & hear both Chris & Terri almost daily.  We listen to them on CD’s, see them in person as their schedule permits & join quarterly for a World-Wide Leadership Convention.  The integrity of our phenomenal leaders is easily revealed in this post.  Recently there was an article written about Chris creating an army.  The army literally spans generations.  Enjoy Terri’s note & see how their amazing leadership affects not only our business, but their family.

WE are committed to having fun, making money, & making a difference.  This is done by focusing on what we call the 8F’s of Life – Faith, Family, Friends, Finances, Fitness, Fun, Following (leadership), & Freedom.  If you don’t know where to begin in your quest for change, remember….you eat an elephant one bite at a time.  List these out, score yourself, & begin.  Just do it!

When they see what we see, they’ll do what we do.



What I learned from Watching my Dad by Casey Brady

By Terri Brady on Friday, December 3, 2010 at 4:30pm

After spending a couple of days traveling with his father on business, my 13-year-old wrote this as an essay for school. I think I learn these things from Chris all of the time!

“What I Learned From Watching My Dad”

By Casey Brady

There are many things that I could have learned by watching my dad, but I’m just going to go over a few, because if I talked about all of them, we’d be going all day!

My dad is a great man who knows many people and is admired by many people. He works in a leadership development company and is one of the top leaders. He travels all around the country and sometimes the world to speak and influence many people who want to become like him someday.

One thing I learned from watching my dad is that he is very patient and is willing to shake everyone’s hand. He’s not stuck up about his position, or impatient to get away from people who want to learn from him. He goes to dinner with people to teach them, and he is patient enough to sit and answer all of their questions.

Another thing I learned is that we shouldn’t be shy. My dad is definitely not shy. He is always smiling as he shakes everyone’s hands after his speech, and jumps right in once he gets on stage. Being shy would give him a bad reputation, and people wouldn’t be as excited to see him. We must all be unafraid to step out of our comfort zone and meet new people, or get up on stage and give a talk before hundreds of people, or hang out with people we may not even know that well.

A third thing I learned is that dad is very loving. He sympathizes with people when they tell him their problems, and offers to pray for them. He is kind to everyone, and doesn’t talk to them haughtily like some famous people, but he knows that we are all people, and God could take away all that he has in an instant. He is very humble as well.

My dad is a man of many traits, and these are some things I have learned by watching him live his life.


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