Broken thermostat & conflict resolution @ it’s hottest!


So…Tues I open the door to my office & feel a sudden blast of hot air hit me in the face. Please understand I am not opposed to being hot.  I have spent the past 2 weekends outside in Texas heat sweating steers so it isn’t that I can’t tolerate heat! I realized something must be wrong when I observed all the other office spaces were cool.  I called the Maintenance Supervisor for our building / division.  Needless to say the instantaneous, abusive, verbal response was completely unnecessary.  I have dealt with this for 2 stinking days & have tried every people skill I can pull from my now very warm psyche!  I know that’s not possible!  A warm psyche that is, but every other part of me was toast so why not right?  Below is the result of the conflict with said Maint Super(MS), my friend, Maint Guy#2, & the AC repair man:

Tues:Me> MS:  It’s really hot in my office & my directors office.  The last time you checked this out it was disconnected ducts in the attic keeping the AC from cooling b/c it’s blowing cold air in the attic instead.  I think it could be the same kinda thing.  

MS upon inspection:  There’s nothing we can do.  You had your door closed & it isn’t circulating.  It’s an old building & I can’t do anything about it. (later) I found a broken thermostat.  I don’t have the tools.  Maint Guy #1 took them & he’s on 2 wks. vacation. 

Me > MS eye to eye: I realize it may come across  like I am just complaining, but  I honestly don’t mean it to be.  It is just that if it is the duct work loose in the attic again, I am trying to spare the cost of repair, wasted electricity & your time.  Thanks for looking into it & doing what you can. 

MS: Something to the effect of how many women are in the building versus the number of men, budget cuts, old building (AGAIN!) & blah-blah! 

 Today: Me> MS: Hey, your employees can take tools with them on vacation? 

MS:dopio=dne9290e5u0495hgnkgj%%^^w9we6%$9wo0itrh8*^W(%R)0t6yueih#%%^6…..)&f(E3EIONKD9*xwet%etASOIDI8@ —  Is what I heard!

Maint guy #2: Tools were left in someones office Thurs! We found them!

MS: (Random visit to my office) Is it better?

Me: Nope! Just step in my office for yourself & you will quickly have your answer.  

MS: I’m not discussing this with you anymore, is your director in?  I’m going to the Big Cheese. 

Me: She is not & great!  Thanks! 

MS: We had to special order the thermostat, but it should work & cool down in 8 hrs. I went in & talked to the Big Cheese & he said if it is too unbearable, you can go home.  I know this building & I taught  MG#1 everything he knows about it too.  Our hands are tied b/c it’s just an old building & there isn’t much I can do.  (Funny, but MG#1 just completed courses & now has HVAC license.)

Me: Great! I only reported a problem.  If my computer didn’t work, I would report it to IT.  I am responsible & will report when things aren’t working properly.  I understand there may be things out of your control & I appreciate what you are doing. I wasn’t asking for a miracle or pulling something out of a hat.  All I wanted to do was report a problem in hopes a resolution could be found.  Thanks for your help.  

AC Repair guy(ACRG): Is your office always hot? Once we get the thermostat in you should feel cool in just a few minutes. I’m checking some other areas out too. 

Me>ACRG: Yes usually, but the last time this happened to this extent there was a disconnected duct blowing cold air in the attic.  

Me>MS ….  Hey, you must have called the Big Cheese. I talked to Finance Guy b/c I wanted to verify that going home thing & he’s been on vacation with his family &  FG said he normally doesn’t return phone calls. 

MS: Yea I called him & we’ve replaced the thermostat & you should feel better in about 8hrs.

MG#2: Come look!  It was exactly what you said!  The duct was completely disconnected blowing cold air in the attic! 

Me:  Have I not said  that for 2 days?  

ACRG: Hey do you want a job? It was exactly what you said, just  look & see!

Me: A loose duct blowing cold air in the attic? Imagine that? 

MS: And a broken thermostat & I’m not talking to you about this anymore! 5u0%^^&W#$JERu+=@yad#$%@*(^KR^30qj+ –Is what I heard! 


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Ego, Pride, Deceit & Anger are terrible characteristics to allow to control our behavior.   I didn’t seek to be right.  I just wanted to not fry in my office.  My director is out-of-town & I didn’t want her office to be unbearable when she returned.  There was a broken thermostat alright!  Then I realized something.  How many times does this reflect our behavior toward others? We can be a thermometer or thermostat? Which are we?  Thermostat or thermometer

 This story honestly wasn’t to degrade anyone, but rather it helped me see how thankful I am to follow men of such integrity & character.  As this happened, I couldn’t even imagine any of our TEAM men treat anyone with such disrespect & rage. There are also amazing men of integrity that I cyber-mentor with on a regular basis that would never react in such a way. 

In the light of eternity is it worth it?  No!  The words, “begin with the end in mind” can be applied in many circumstances.  Relationships can be a huge area to apply this to.  During conflict, we have the choice to control our emotional thermostat. A really sad thing happened during my fiasco.  His wife called to report she was stranded at an intersection & needed his help.  She works in one of our other buildings a few miles away & that morning we had received an email explaining they  had to close their building b/c the AC was out.   Picture the scenario here…she leaves a non air-conditioned building, experienced car trouble, was stuck in Dallas traffic & heat.  She calls her husband to come rescue her & he literally screamed at her on the phone in front of many people.  I have witnessed him cursing another co-worker out last year b/c she merely reported a similar heat/cold situation.  I am not tolerant of verbal abuse.  Now that you mention it….I am not tolerant of any type of abuse!  What I have seen in two days grieve me  knowing he is responsible for homes, buildings, offices, & etc.  More than that, there are human beings whom he is responsible for that he publicly humiliates & degrades on a daily basis.  In the end, I have lost respect & do not value any wisdom from the MS.   I guess I am a burr, thorn or other unpleasant item to this man.  I am worth the respect & to a point, demand it. 

In  L.I.F.E.  I am blessed in that I am virtually surrounded by valiant men of strength & honor!  My wish for the world– controlling personal thermostats–one office building / home at a time!  



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