Quick note to share the love!  Today I had lunch with my out-of-town OK friends at Sam’s cafe.  He is awesome & has amazing HITW food.  He went to the freezer & brought me some fresh-picked-from-his-yard raspberry jam that he made  me a couple of months ago.  Besides ordering the special, he made me a special side dish, which of course I shared.   He then packed enough food for me to eat the rest of the week!   I also got a card of for cabbie he trusts that I can use for EARLY flights!  I have learned to ask the right people questions! 

My OK friends come to work monthly with our  legal department.  Something to do with mineral rights from donated property, etc.  Over the past several months they have been adopted by the other employees & are included in special breaks, celebrations, etc.  Intelligent, sweet, southern gentlemen, father & son combo.  We had great conversation, delicious food & they now know another facet of my life. HITW joints! 

 When it came time to pay, Sam again, refused to let me pay.  He said I was his friend!  Then… there was a tip war!  He wouldn’t take theirs! They said I was their friend & wanted to cover the tip!  This was quite interesting to watch!  Hand shakes & a hug completed the brief mid-day experience.  

Doors opened, pulling up to the curb to let me out, free food, special to-go food!  Just the thing a lady needs to make her day!  

 Last night I had a great conversation with God on the way home from Open.  I am blessed  & convinced today happened for a reason!         

Chivalry is not dead with my transplanted Texan or my OK friends! 


***IF you are in Dallas & want authentic Mediterranean/ Persian food, from scratch, highest quality meats /  veggies, visit Samad’s Cafe on Manor Way.  Go hungry, ask questions & enjoy the company!  He serves one item per day & it is all delicious!  Be sure & ask for his  delicious home-made Tzatziki yogurt dip. 


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