He IS Able

He is able, more than able
To accomplish what concerns me today.
He is able, more than able
To handle anything that comes my way.
He is able, more than able
To do much more than I could ever dream.
He is able, more than able
To make me what He wants me to be.

I am thankful to be employed by an organization that believes in practicing weekly devotions.  We gather to share a favorite Bible scripture, offer prayer,  or what God has specifically  instructed us to talk about.  Today we were reminded of God’s ability to take care of what concerns us.  As we sang an old hymn, He is Able, I was reminded the  bottom line is the bottom line.

 In all things, HE wants each of us to become what HE wants us to be.  Many times we ask for trials or tribulations to be removed from our lives, yet it is through those we are refined.  The process doesn’t stop with us, but as we encounter people who are facing what we have faced, we are able to contribute to their journey with wisdom, experience, compassion & council.  2 Corinthians 1:4 clearly tells it, “He comforts us whenever we suffer. That is why whenever other people suffer, we are able to comfort them by using the same comfort we have received from God. “

Be encouraged today in whatever you are encountering.  God is more than able & His ultimate goal is to help you see who He sees when He looks at you.  Learn, grow, & pay it forward with compassion.



The Bottom Line


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