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I am a Cougar!


I am beginning a series on living single, dating, cyber dating sites & sharing the passion I have for empowering women to be strong during the season of singleness.  Not isolated per sey to women only, but I can only write from my perspective!

Me, Monica & Glenda

During a meeting with a local Dallas & national group, Mocha Sisters, my best friend, biz partner and partner in crime, Glenda Pogue, A.K.A. Thelma, had the privilege of meeting an amazing woman from Austin, TX. Dr. Monica Anderson is a professional in the area of dentistry, but is also an accomplished author & motivational speaker.  Both Glenda & I have the dream to support, encourage & help women develop strong mental attitudes, established career paths, & positive relational experiences.  The talk we heard was a luncheon meeting that resonates within my heart.

Being single for 16 years now has allowed me to weather many storms of relational seasons.  I actually didn’t date for the first 10 years of being single.  When people ask me, “Why?” I merely explain that I have no clue!  Seriously, I believe, it was because of the people I associated with. Don’t get me wrong, they were good people!  Theirs were a lot of marriages hanging in the balance, unfulfilled, or lacking in what I imagined I wanted for a third round.  I simply decided I was better alone. I have, since that time, read a tremendous assortment of books on dating, marriage, relationships, attitude, self -development, &  leadership skills. I realize those were the missing link, not only in myself, but in most of the marriages I saw.

The sanctity of marriage is something I adore & embrace. When I divorced, I “told” God “HE” had 2 years to correct what needed to be corrected, change what needed to be changed, but I HAD to be married after 2 yrs.  Yea, WOW!  I think that is why there is a scripture that says, “He who sits in heavens laughs!” My BFF in La. used to say, “You will find love when you are not looking for it!” This used to literally infuriate me beyond measure.  Let me ask you a question.  When you love the marital relationship as much as I did, loathe being single as much as I did, become depressed seeing PDA, holiday embraces, etc., WHEN ARE YOU NOT LOOKING FOR LOVE? On Valentine’s Day every year I would confess out loud to everyone I worked with that I was going to receive a dozen red roses from the love of my life.  One year, after hearing this many years, I believe my co-workers pitched in & sent me flowers.  Ironically, one of the guys that everyone thought should date me was very jealous.  I knew it was a joint venture b/c they spelled my name wrong!  Seriously….the “love of my life” would hopefully know how to spell it!  Right?

I can honestly say that moment of not looking finally happened. Jokingly, I would comment, “I don’t need a husband, just give me a dog.  A tiny, non-shedding, cuddle-loving, dog.  I can go as I please, never answer to a man, stay up as late as I want, cook when & what I want & just snuggle with a dog on the couch.  I can build my business & never share a single dime of profits with anyone, but the charities of my choice.”  I was set! This statement, over time,  began my observation concerning my state of singleness.

I was heading to church one Sunday morning this past year & had the most amazing conversation with God.  I realized I was content.  Content in being single.  Content in perhaps finding a mate at some point. Content.  At that moment, I made a “pact” with God.  The same God I demanded a 2 yr. correction limit on!  I said, (through joy, tears, & almost a  “deliverance” type exhilaration), that if the plan, purpose & destiny He has for me could be fulfilled as a single woman, I will happily remain single until I meet Him face to face.  If that plan, purpose & destiny could only be fulfilled partnered with a husband, I trust He would lead, guide & direct me to him.  I only want to bring Glory, not grief to His name.  I realized that probably took 14 yrs. too long to discover, but…finally…I am content!

Me, Joy & Glenda

I purposely surround myself with beautiful, strong, determined, women I admire immensely. At this point, I realize I completely agree with what Monica, Dr. mOe, describes as a “Cougar.”  I laugh at the worlds definition, but see it everywhere. It definitely fuels my passion!

If you are a single woman, especially in challenged economic times, you must know you can not only survive living single, but thrive.  Lately, my heart is beating louder & louder to fill stadiums nationally & internationally to portray this message of hope to single adults.

Ladies, you are fearfully & wonderfully made in the image of a Holy God.  Never compromise your convictions for the trade of companionship.  Tiny, non-shedding, cuddle-loving, lap dogs never hit, verbally abuse, or devalue who you are! You may, however, have to pick up after them!!



Sharpening reveals beauty!


My friend, ‘kc , posted these on her Facebook today.  I was immediately reminded of how fortunate I am in surrounding myself with mentors who, in the words of Orrin Woodward,  “Loves you where you are, but  sees you as where you can be.”  Mentors sharpen & though at times it is a painful process,  the end  result is  beautiful.  I was like a unsharpened pencil or one that someone just used to erase pain, circumstances,  momentary afflictions.   This was not in a bad way, or as I was “used,” but I just wasn’t an effective leader.  Submitting to a mentor has sharpened me &  has shown me how to serve & sharpen  others effectively.

The words of the “pencil maker” below sounds like a sage.  One in which you would count it all joy to be  influenced by.







While reading these words, I was reminded of the passage of scripture that refers to iron sharpening iron.  The Message translation says it best today!

Your Face Mirrors Your Heart – Prov. 27:17

“You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another.”

I also love this quote: “He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.” Edmund Burke

I can only hope you have people in your life who sharpen you & whom you sharpen to reveal true beauty, potential, passion & purpose.



What did you just say?


I belong to several blog sites & receive emails from popular, well-known activist groups.  I have never considered myself an activist until a few years ago.  Here’s some background for you. In high school I was the “mouth” or the voice of support for the groups I belonged to.  I had no problem speaking my mind or letting those in charge know my opinion.  As a cheerleader, I was not only vocal for my basketball team, but vocal for the cheerleaders.  Once the head coach, Coach Leggett,  told me we couldn’t join the team on a particular trip because it was very far away.  Being the games were during the week, coach didn’t want us to travel and  be exhausted for school the next day. What did he just say?  We, THE cheerleaders couldn’t go?  No! That did not fly at all.   I pranced to the principals office, of whom I was the pet, and complained.  Well…we did go and I promised we would not complain at all about the trip or the next day at school.  Numerous occasions like this occurred.  God forbid if I was ever absent when there was a meeting involving common interests because I would catch flack from my fellow students, none of which would ever speak up.

Then, what I felt at the time, the most devastating day of my life happened.  My beloved principal was being accused of embezzlement charges.  I was mortified.  My parents had to take me to the school board parish wide meeting as a community “trial.”  Well, let me rephrase that…they didn’t have to, but I insisted on being there.  I stood my ground in the midst of every adult there.  They knew exactly what I thought about this ridiculous accusation.  I loved my principal.  He made sure the guys treated us girls like ladies.  He demanded respect and was fair.  The vote ruled against him and I was crushed.  The day our “new” principal arrived at school, guess who was in the parking lot to meet him?  Yea, me!  He pulls up, gets out of his car and I am there. No staff, no one else, but moi!  These were my words (with an attitude to match!),  “My name is Geneva Herring.  You are not welcome here. My principal is Mr. Rooks and he will always be my principal.  I do not like you now, & I will never like you.  And don’t think you will make any changes to my schedule or as far as changes go, don’t think we will do anything you say at all.”  I turned and stomped off to class.  Wow! I really knew how to win friends and influence people didn’t I?  Serious…those words ring in my ears as if I just left the scene.  We didn’t “bond,” per se, but we learned to tolerate each other. Funny how life happens.  He was an artist, a sculptor &  I am now very fond of his work.  I grew up!

I took a blast to my past in reference to what I am noticing in society today.  I wasn’t just talk then.  My words carried corresponding actions.  I will be the first to admit, they weren’t always the greatest actions, but no one ever said of me, I didn’t carry through. I am white-hot about what I am passionate about.

Forward ho!  I’m noticing a plethora of  large organizations requesting funds to support their cause for liberty.  I completely understand the war we are against when it comes to our rights as Americans.  I also realize insurmountable  costs when it comes to advertising, forums, etc.  Since I can’t actively serve on as many as I believe in, I do support them financially.    Here’s a novel thought! I believe we should raise the standard.  Instead of jockeying for our rights, we should courageously rally for our responsibilities or our duties.  We can show people how to become so financially free & independent  that their contributions alone to the government in the form of  taxes we pay (after expenses! ), community charitable contributions, foundations, philanthropy, etc., turn the tide for FREEDOM.  I have been enlightened to the economic dealings by listening to great audios such as “Creature from Jekyll Island,” reading book after book explaining the history of our nation and what we must do to secure our precious freedoms.

Imagine a nation consisting of free enterprise business owners who set the bar for liberty.  There are multiple millionaires, billionaires & etc. & according to Paul Z. Pilzer, there are even more in the making.  The standard should be to actively pursue freedom & liberty in such a way that our contribution to society alone will change the course of history.  At this point, I would like to interject that while I quickly recognize I am not the brightest bulb in the pack when it comes to economics, socio-economic, value of the dollar, yen, gold standards, FICA, etc., I can quickly recognize I am bright enough to surround myself with & surrender myself to a learning organization. These leaders are recognized on such a level in their brilliant knowledge of such subjects, I can almost feel my brain getting smarter when I listen to them!   That is where it starts.  You must be hungry enough for change, yet  brave enough to execute change.  I am attracted to intelligence, courage, humility & integrity.  I refuse to live my dash, 1959 (-) ?? never contributing to restoring the legacy of our forefathers.  If my own legacy doesn’t include recognizable names & faces of individuals, as well as families, whose lives were changed because I chose to act on my beliefs, I have lived in vain.

In my experience, as I have been involved in church for many years, the thing I glean the most is not giving people fish for a day, but teaching them to fish for a lifetime.  Working in singles ministry for 17 yrs. & in the non-profit sector, I have seen first hand how the “fish for the day” approach doesn’t work.  When I took the spiritual gifts test for selecting where I belong in ministry at The Oaks Fellowship, my score on mercy wasn’t high.  What did it say? I was shocked until I realized I didn’t show mercy as readily as I showed solutions.  While I will never receive the title of “Drama Queen” I realized I can listen to an individual & immediately move from drama to resolve before the conversation is ended. I didn’t confess I wasn’t a listener. I merely claim, while I am seeking to understand, I also seek to empower interdependence instead of co-dependence.   I guess I have counseled numerous single adults where co-dependence  & cyclic behavior is their nature.  Or maybe this is because of many, many years of critical care thinking in medicine, but….whatever the reason, I begin the conversation with the end in mind!  Many times my suggestions or resolutions present themselves simply in the form of compassion.

One of my favorite quotes is: “Your actions speak so loud, I can’t hear what you say.”  May we,  a nation of  free enterprise independent business owners, thrive in our endeavors to secure our most precious possessions,  Freedom & Liberty for all!  We are not looking for a hand out, but a hand up.  Let us embrace the commission in raising up leaders with common unity, not bearing arms, but bearing each other in hot pursuit of the joy in knowing  we will make a difference. We will stop fighting each other & fight together for a noble cause.  Find your why, ignore what “they” say, and live life on purpose.  Stop following the herd of mediocrity & develop goals –planned attack on the status quo.

Michelangelo (1475 – 1564)

There is a multitude of hosts who have fought before, & an even greater cloud of witnesses that are cheering you on every second.



Why is Bitter / Sweet Great for Business?


As many of you know, I am involved in a Global Leadership Development Organization.  Our primary focus is building communities of people through which products & services flow.  Relational networking occurs as we are bringing the health & wellness industry mainstream.  We provide a world-class training system that  hands down, is compared to no other.  Part of that duplicative system are weekly associations with forward thinking, like-minded business owners.  These invitation only meetings are hosted all across the United States & Canada.  They are referred to as Open meetings  or Tuesdays, as we fondly call them.  Since we are a home based business, we utilize them as our “Tuesday night at the office.”  We can bring as many people as we want to expose them to our culture.  Once someone enters this atmosphere, they are convinced we are different from the J.O.B. they left that day.   Edification & promotion of each individual is immediately  apparent.  Soon, they begin to gravitate to this night as it becomes to them what it is to us, a lifeline.

Tonight was bitter/sweet!  We have outgrown our venue…AGAIN.  When I joined this business in September 2006 we were meeting in the living room of my mentors.  We then grew to the Golf Club of Dallas, met at local hotels and secured this venue for quite some time.   After reading the book, the ant and the ELEPHANT–we have extensively learned from the book, as taught on CD’s, our recent Major & ladies book club– how we can program our subconscious mind to dominate.  In other words….we got our Elephant buzz on! We envisioned breaking the air wall down due to expansion.  We were issued a gauntlet, in combat against mediocrity, to reach 200 people so Orrin Woodward would come visit.  We exceeded that goal with 236 people.  The excitement was contagious & it has grown. Now we are leaving the venue to another one that can accommodate our continuing growth.

The front desk people, events coordinators, cafe servers & even maintenance staff  have become family to us.  I have volunteered to work at the registration table from the first night we met there. They know my name, bring me free coffee,  love our EMV Energy Drinks & welcome us on a weekly basis.  They even remember I used to eat the cookies from the front desk & now I  don’t!

I wish you could have seen their eyes when we told them goodbye.  Belief  is such a beautiful thing to witness!  They were speechless.  They asked me in disbelief, “Have you outgrown the room completely?’  I informed them that our Major Leadership Convention is this coming weekend and we always, without fail, experience exponential growth.  Then I mentioned that the founders of both our organizations would be in Dallas in Oct & Nov and we are projected to yet again explode.  I simply looked at them both and confidently said….”It’s happening, just like we believed it would!”  I gave them hugs, left folders of my information with them and bid them farewell.  I did mention that in the future if we needed a smaller room, we may consider them again.  I could imagine individual groups requiring something like this because this is what we expect to happen.  We will also refer other groups to them because of their gracious attitude. This venue has groups that come & go daily, but we had been long-term.  One of the front desk ladies had been involved in a home based business in the past and now she, a single mom, would prefer to work 3 jobs than to entertain the thought of getting into another one.  Tonight shed a new light onto her skepticism.  I believe the bond that was formed also helped tremendously. You have to see that they just lost a secured business meeting.  While that is a loss for them, WE ARE GROWING!

Our groups have grown together through embracing spiritual development, relational skills & practicing emotional intelligence.  This, in itself, has been the greatest journey of the entire process and this is the attitude we will bring to the next location.  See….attitude is the difference maker!

Want to know something else really sweet?  The events coordinator, Richard Miles, has been a servant beyond description.  Over the past several months, on a weekly basis he has provided us the greatest set ups, & has had the most amazing attitude ever.  We turn in comment cards on him weekly.  He loves our products as we have always supplied him with gifts!  Tonight, I wanted to get the name of one of his friends who hosts a make up event every third Sunday.  I had met her casually and wanted to do a follow through with her.  I mentioned we (Glenda & I) should meet with him as soon as possible, because he had the character and attitude we look for in business partners.  He ever so slightly mentioned that his book will be released in October.  A book?  What? It caught me off guard much like our news of leaving did to him.  When we inquired he begin to tell us that he had been falsely incarcerated for 12 years and he is featured in a book about his experience.  Glenda and others that were listening inquired if he was the same guy recently sponsored by our local news station, & of course he was.  We listened as he humbly spoke.  Glenda had met a young man during her bus commute this week who was also a felon desperately needing a job. Richard informed her that his brothers had a business building transitional housing and he should contact them for employment.

I am scheduled to meet with Richard and his mom Sunday, his only day off,  after I arrive back in DFW from Major.  He is beyond excited.  You hear me talk about the scarlet threads that knit hearts and change nations.  Learning to genuinely become interested in people, not just wanting to sell a product, is desperately needed in our society.  A crazy business that believes in making a friend, finding a need, and transferring a feeling is rapidly taking over much like the water hyacinth or southern kudzu vines.  Buzz, buzz…we are going to a million leaders and beyond.  Stadiums will welcome us on a weekly, monthly & quarterly basis.  Nations will resound with our motto….Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference!  I do believe it!  (spoken like Sergio Ponce says it as he agrees with Katie Holt-Larsen & the thought of breaking generational curses off of the families in Brazil!)

So…in essence, bitter/sweet is EXCELLENT for business.  People, even if they are your critics, gain hope & belief when you succeed.

We bid farewell to our beloved Dallas Hilton Garden Inn.  It has seen us through thunderstorms, ice storms, broken car windows, power outages, seminars, and many, many Open meetings.

We are blessed and we will become a blessing to others….one venue at a time!



The Power & ♥ of Social Community!


WOW! Just a short blog today to commemorate the blessings I have received from hundreds of people wishing me Happy Birthday.

Since I have refused to age, I have chosen to use this day not only to celebrate my birth, but also to celebrate how special my friends are!

Yes…I am aware they have a National Friends Day or something of the sort, but….I can never remember when that is.  I usually remember my birthday right?

Friends endure the test of time!

As I opened up  my Facebook page this morning I was pleasantly surprised by the birthday wishes!  As they trickled in, I was filled with warm, fuzzy feelings.  Some friends from my childhood, some are from my wonderful church community, many are from my business ventures and then…there are still quite a few others that I have gathered from social networking.   Later in the morning , I glanced and began to feel tears well up in my eyes.  Most are sweet, funny, or beautiful ♥felt comments, yet some are even song links, cards, etc.  Each of which are single reminders of how we are interdependent on each other.

Some are very familiar with my passion to empower others through leadership development. Many recognize the positive influences contributed in daily doses as I attempt to create changes in the world around me.  Others had worked with me for years in some pretty grueling times during my season of nursing.  Then…some are consciously aware of my weird eating habits!  Whatever the context, they are all intrinsically woven with a scarlet thread.  A commonality that goes beyond the simple wording…Happy Birthday.  The scarlet thread is that we are all intertwined by the life we share through social networking or community.  They each took time to comment.   Even if it were two words, this speaks volumes to me!  I know some of their schedules and  realize this was no small feat.  Some I recognize and respect their national status and am both, truly honored and humbled.

As I read them, I understand that it takes community, or common-unity.   If someone doesn’t “buy” into this, they have obviously not experienced the joy, emotional rush, and validation of celebrating a birthday on a social media network.

To each of you, I want to share a song I heard this morning while switching out my personal development CD’s.  You may think it’s cheesy, but hey…humor me…it’s my birthday!   Please don’t be so busy making a living that you forget to live life to the fullest.

I love having each of you in my life and because of you, my life is richer!