Brain Train


For years I have felt like there is a runner trapped inside of me screaming to come out.  In Jr. High School I remember the days when I felt somewhat melancholy, the solution was to run around the track field.  This released healing endorphins thus creating a euphoria of joy & happiness. Since becoming involved with the health & wellness industry, I have determined to eat right, exercise & be in tune to my body.  This ultimately means I have to finally free the screaming me-me runner right?  Right!

Many people I associate with are runners &  I am finding even more people involved in marathons.  Some enter for the joy or cause of the event.  Others enter to WIN & still others enter just to finish.  I just want to enter!  I will figure out all the rest later.  FYI…I refuse to even entertain my age in this equation.

This past Tuesday night, while discussing weight loss with a beautiful, sanguine biz partner of mine, I mentioned my determination to train for a marathon.  I was impressed to discover she & her husband had run lots of marathons.  He later walked up & began to question my endeavor & then offered advice.

First piece of advice was to begin to train using time as a guide, not distance.  He explained when you use distance only, & actually go outside to begin to run, all you notice is how much further you have to go. He actually said,”your brain will explode!”  Now I know he didn’t literally mean spontaneous combustion of the brain, but your focus & determination explodes.  At least that is my take on it!    Whereas, when you train using time, you are oblivious to the distance ahead.  This resonated with me on many levels.  I am a goal setter & reward myself according to accomplished goals achieved.  A dream without a date is a wish.  When you don’t train your mind according to accomplishing goals within a particular time frame, you simply quit caring about the prize because the end is too far to envision.

He continued to advise that once you begin using that time, increase it incrementally at the point you feel you can’t continue to go any longer.  This is what pushes you to develop adequate cardiovascular tolerance & endurance.   Again…..I correlated this with building a business or pursuing a higher level of self-development.  Often times we begin to “train” & quit before we even discover how enlarged our “heart” capacity toward people can become.  In the quitting phase, we still focus on self.  Excuses mount such as, “I’m tired;  This is too hard for me; I don’t want to read;  I don’t like people;  I’ll miss my favorite TV show;  I don’t like to stand up in front of people,”  & etc.  You get the picture?  If we don’t push ourselves just a little more each day, we never know how many beautiful people we have never completely allowed to enter our hearts.  You see, I learned a long time ago, it isn’t about me, it’s all about them.

The last & most important piece of advice given concerning marathon running was where to go get my shoes.  From a couple who has multiple trophies & accolades from winning marathons, I think they know the right spot?  Come to find out, it is right down the road from my loft.  They explained it would be unlike any shoe purchase I have ever experienced.  Many questions would be asked. I would have to walk around letting  them observe my stance. Any pieces of information I could offer would better assist them find the right pair of shoes for me.  I remember when I worked in nursing, the right shoes were everything.  Being on my feet most of the day dictated the kind of shoes I wore.  Again….this reminds me of not only having the right tools for the job, but getting correct information from correct sources.  The night before I had just walked from my loft to an event at the American Airlines Center.  Of course I had shoes that were comfy, but discovered when I got home, I had a tiny blister.  They were comfy for the most part, but not for that particular reason.  When we endeavor to do anything in life, whether it is build a business, or develop relationships, the right tools for the occasion are paramount.  They even encouraged me to invest in the right pair of socks.  Everything is precise!  I have watched people open businesses out of a desire to be their own boss.  When these people are questioned as to what type of system they use to continue developing said business, often times the answer is predictive of their success.  If they say, “I really don’t have a system, but have always wanted to do this & I just decided to give it a try.” This is probably why most businesses fail within the first two years of operation.  You have to constantly & continually train your mind toward succeeding.

My few minute conversation with my friends enlightened me in more than merely training for a marathon.  I am running a marathon daily in developing a team of leaders.  Each  piece of advice could be applied toward their success.  The equation begins  with me.  I have to be the leader who sets the pace toward an expected finish line.  I have to push myself further daily in order to allow my heart to accept, approve, & appreciate people, then ultimately loving them past their fears.  I have to make sure I equip myself with the right tools to train, enter & finish the race.  I have to associate with like-minded people who have the results I want. This is the only acceptable time in the journey when it can be about me.

If you are endeavoring a new career path, business, relationship, or any type of physical change, these tips are vital.  Trust me…..I am completely a novice in the skill of running marathons.  I have, however, been training my brain in other areas & am determined to succeed!

Life is not about the destination, it is about the journey & any marathon in life begins with a single step.



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